Italian couple went to Volos for a honeymoon but the groom slept in... jail

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A 30-year-old Italian man will forever remember his honeymoon trip by motorbike to Greece after it cost him an incredible amount of trouble for a trivial reason.

According to Gegonota News, during the passage of his couple from Volos, the 30-year-old closed a short-term rental apartment and parked his car on the opposite sidewalk.

The apartment owner informed him that he could move the machine in front of the sidewalk where his own entrance is, and during the transfer, he scratched the bumper of the car owner without realising it.

Until he and his wife settled their things in the apartment, he drank a beer but did not realise that the owner of the vehicle had called the police.

When the police showed up, he was surprised, asked to pay for the damage and submitted to a breathalyser test, with the breathalyser reading below the limit, but was arrested.

He spent the night in the department, and his wife appeared yesterday morning in the courts of Volos looking for an Italian-speaking lawyer.

The court acquitted him but the adventure will remain unforgettable.

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