RHODES: 23-year-old man arrested for the rape of an Irish woman

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Police in Rhodes managed to locate within a few hours the rapist of a 20-year-old Irish woman. He is accused of drugging her by putting a pill in her drink, taking her to a beach and sexually assaulting her. The 23-year-old Greek is also accused of theft.

The young tourist says that she went with her group of friends to a bar in Faliraki, where she did not drink much alcohol, but at around 1:45am on Tuesday morning she felt intense dizziness and weakness. For five hours she had memory loss, but she remembered leaving with an unknown man, who had probably spiked her drink.

As the 20-year-old testified to a psychologist, in the morning she woke up on the beach without her underwear, with signs of blows on her nose and signs of abuse on her anus, while her bag and mobile phone were missing. The young Irish woman underwent a forensic examination which confirmed that she had been sexually abused and a case was filed against an unknown person for rape and theft.

However, the police used visual material they found from store cameras in Faliraki Square and identified the man with whom the 20-year-old left the bar. The 23-year-old alleged perpetrator of the rape was arrested on Wednesday morning and was taken to the District Attorney of Rhodes, who ordered him to remain in custody until he testified to the investigator.

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