Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley is in Mykonos - Watch the video

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After George Clooney, Liam Hemsworth and Matt Damon were seen in Mykonos, where they were photographed with a tourist in a souvlaki shop, Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley is the latest to be spotted on the island.

Through a video republished on Instagram, the "Vampire Diaries" actor was captured on the island playing with a kitten in the street and smiling at the camera.

Watch the video:

Meanwhile, one of the most universally enjoyed series in the new era of Star Trek is Strange New Worlds, which began its second season.

The series follows legacy characters from the franchise's earliest iteration, which is always a risky move. Yet, the biggest risk Strange New Worlds will take is bringing back Paul Wesley's Captain James T. Kirk.

The most famous captain of the USS Enterprise, Kirk's green command wrap-around jumper is hard to properly fill out.

Wesley, perhaps best known for his turn on The Vampire Diaries, debuted his take on the iconic captain originally played by William Shatner in Season 1. However, his character was from an alternate timeline, so not the real "Kirk."

In fact, a line from the Strange New Worlds Season 2 trailer has some fans wondering if this isn't the case for his Season 2 appearance. Kirk is seen struggling with what looks like a modern-day revolving door, saying "I'm from space," when questioned by La'an.

In Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Shatner's Kirk said he wasn't from space, "I just work there." This has fans thinking his second appearance is similarly wrapped up in alternate-timeline shenanigans.

However, his appearance in another trailer scene suggests Strange New Worlds will introduce the "real" Jim Kirk later in the season. This will be the show's biggest risk, even more so than introducing Ethan Peck as Spock, a character defined by the late Leonard Nimoy.

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