'Too expensive': 4 things tourists hate in Greece in summer according to ChatGPT

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The summer season is in full swing, but Mykonos and Santorini, the tourist mecca of Greece, are not doing as well as they would like, with a key reason being how expensive it is.

Why are Greek and foreign visitors turning their backs on popular Greek destinations for the time being? According to most, it is the high cost of vacations.

They are not wrong. If we consider that only the ferry tickets for an island for two people do not fall below 400 euros, then we have the first answer to the question. However, there are other things that may lead some to choose another destination.

To keep us from searching, artificial intelligence did the hard work. ChatGPT told us what travellers in Greece hate in summer and here's what they answered:

"Tourists' preferences and opinions differ, and their requirements may vary. However, there are some common elements that some tourists may not enjoy while visiting Greece. These include:

1. Overly crowded places: Some tourists prefer calm and quiet destinations while avoiding areas that are too crowded and touristy. Major tourist destinations such as Santorini, Mykonos and Crete can be very crowded during the high tourist season.

2. Excessively hot weather: Some tourists may find it difficult to withstand the high temperatures during the summer months. Temperatures in Greece can reach quite high levels, especially in the southern regions.

3. Infrastructure Issues: In some cases, some tourists may face infrastructure issues in some areas. This may include a lack of road construction, limited transportation options, or a lack of modern amenities.

4. Additional charges: Some tourists may experience dissatisfaction if they discover that some services or goods in Greece are too expensive compared to their expectations".

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