France Travel Advisory: Exercise Caution Due to Terrorism Threat and Ongoing Riots

France Riots

The grandmother of a 17-year-old boy who a police officer fatally shot in a Paris suburb has called for an end to the violence that erupted in the aftermath of his death as French authorities gear up for a sixth night of rioting.

Victim Nahel Merzouk's grandmother appealed to protesters on Sunday, telling CNN's affiliate BFMTV, "They should not damage the schools, not break the buses, it was the mums who take the buses."

"I'm tired," the grandmother, identified by BMFTV as Nadia, said, adding that Nahel's mother "doesn't have a life anymore.

The Australian government has issued a travel advisory urging its citizens visiting France to exercise high caution due to the ongoing threat of terrorism and the continuing riots. Smart Traveller, the travel advisory website, advises tourists to be particularly vigilant during the nighttime and avoid participating in demonstrations or areas with significant police presence.

Certain cities in France have implemented curfews, and public transportation services may be limited or cancelled. The situation is fluid and subject to rapid changes. To maintain public order, the government deployed over 45,000 police officers and gendarmes across the country on Sunday night following the recent episodes of violent unrest.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin stated that many individuals detained since the start of the protests are minors, with an average age of 17.

While the situation on Sunday has been relatively calm, with sporadic protests reported, CNN producers in France note that violence typically escalates after sunset.

French President Emmanuel Macron has scheduled a meeting at 7 pm local time with the prime minister, interior minister, and justice minister to receive updates on the nationwide protests. The Elysee Palace issued a statement confirming the meeting and its purpose.

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