Santorini Tops Africa's Google Searches as Favorite European Holiday Destination

Santorini Africa

As international travel resumes following the easing of Covid restrictions, more South Africans and Africans from other countries are venturing abroad for well-deserved vacations. Among the sought-after European destinations, Greece, and specifically the enchanting island of Santorini, has emerged as the favourite choice for African travellers, according to a recent survey conducted by CV Villas, an international tour operator.

The survey analyzed Google search data over the past year to identify the most popular European countries across the globe. Santorini topped the list as Africa's most searched European holiday destination in 15 countries, including South Africa, Cameroon, and Ethiopia. Trailing behind Santorini was the vibrant Mediterranean island of Ibiza, known for its lively nightlife, and the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife.

While Ibiza captured the interest of Moroccan, Kenyan, and Zimbabwean travellers, Sicily, another Mediterranean gem, also garnered attention from some African countries. The survey revealed that several island destinations, such as Antalya in Turkey, Mykonos in Greece, and Mallorca and Tenerife in Spain, were highly searched and favoured by African travellers.

Interestingly, Ibiza emerged as the most sought-after vacation spot for North and Central America and South America. For Asian travellers, Santorini was the most popular European holiday destination, while Europeans favoured Tenerife.

Pete Brudenell, the General Manager of CV Villas, expressed excitement about the survey results, highlighting the opportunity to inspire travellers with the diverse offerings of Europe, from breathtaking landscapes to vibrant nightlife and serene beach retreats. The findings underscore the global admiration for European travel and highlight the enduring curiosity for discovering hidden gems within the continent.

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