Greek Air Force will participate in Indian exercises in September, General Chauhan invited to Greece

Indian General Anil Chauhan Konstantinos Floros

The Chief of the General Staff of the Greek Armed Forces (GEETHA), Konstantinos Floros, spoke with the Chief of the General Staff of the Indian Armed Forces, General Anil Chauhan.

"I had a telephone conversation with the Chief of the General Staff of the Indian Armed Forces General Anil Chauhan. We had the opportunity to discuss the prevailing situation in the wider geostrategic environment and the latest developments in Ukraine. We also discussed the increased migration and refugee flows," Floros said, according to a GEETHA statement.

"I referred to the security challenges faced by Greece due to the revisionist tendencies and provocative behaviours that are developing in its region, and I pointed out the leading role of the Armed Forces, which support the stabilising role of our country, while I underlined the bilateral, tripartite and multilateral cooperation's it has developed at a military level with all the Balkan countries, with most Arab countries as well as with Israel, and which aim to create a network of relations that promotes peace and stability.

"With regard to bilateral military cooperation, my Indian counterpart and I referred to the ever-strengthening Military Cooperation of the Armed Forces of the two Countries through exercises, joint trainings and visits by delegations of military schools, as well as its further deepening.

"I thanked him for his invitation for the participation of the Air Force in an upcoming exercise of the Indian Armed Forces in September 2023 and focused on India's participation for the first time in the series of exercises 'INIOCHOS' with Su-30 A/F, looking forward to its participation in 'INIOCHOS-24'.

"Finally, I invited my counterpart to officially visit Greece as soon as possible.”

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