The most expensive vodka in Mykonos costs €1600 a bottle and has... gold!

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While filming for his online show, Dimitris Markos found the most expensive vodka in Mykonos, which costs €1600 a bottle and has... gold!

Watch the video that has been viewed and liked thousands of times on TikTok.


Βότκα από χρυσάφι αξίας 1600 ευρώ!!! Αφού δεν θα την πιούμε ποτέ, τουλάχιστο ας δούμε ποιοι, που και γιατί την προτομούν! #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #mykonosgreece💙🇬🇷 #travel #traveltiktok #xyzbca #tipsbymarkos #tips #markos

♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος - Tips By Markos

Mykonos is Greece's most exclusive (and expensive), where designer heels clatter on cobblestones and modest whitewashed buildings house cocktail bars with four-figure minimum spend.

The windmill-filled Cycladic isle has long been part of the rich and beautiful summer yacht circuit, along with those other gold-dipped Med destinations of St Tropez and Monaco.

Eager to cater to this champagne-quaffing crowd, clusters of five-star hotels charge upwards of €1,000 a night and, despite its diminutive size, there’s no shortage of celebrity-attracting hospitality brands – Soho House, Nobu and Buddha Bar are all present and correct.

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