Twelve Young Offenders Convicted for the Murder of Alkis Kambanos in Thessaloniki


A mixed jury court in Thessaloniki has unanimously found twelve young hooligans guilty of the murder of a 19-year-old football fan, Alkis Kambanos, while also injuring two of his friends. The tragic incident occurred in February 2022, following a football match involving the team supported by the defendants.

Out of the twelve individuals, seven were found guilty of manslaughter with potential intent, while the remaining five were convicted of complicity in the crime. Furthermore, some of the defendants were also found guilty of additional charges, including attempted murder and complicity in the assault on Kambanos' accompanying friends.

The sentencing for the convicted individuals will be announced next week. The violent attack resulted in the brutal beating and stabbing of Alkis Kambanos in his upper thigh, leading to his untimely death due to excessive bleeding. Meanwhile, two of his friends, aged 19 and 20, suffered injuries during this deadly assault perpetrated by fans of a football team on February 1, 2022.

According to the prosecutor's report, prior to the attack, the defendants had inquired about the friends' team affiliation. The victims were then subjected to a vicious assault involving knives, clubs, metal pipes, crowbars, and even a folding sickle, indicating a clear intent to cause harm.

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