20-year-old Syrian suspect shot and killed by police after a chase

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A 20-year-old Syrian criminal who was released from prison with restriction terms in March from the youth penitentiary of Kasaveteia was shot and killed by a police officer.

The suspect was driving a pickup truck he stole at an earlier time in the Attica region and failed to stop for a police check in the Larisa region near the village of Moschohori. After a chase by the police, the criminal crashed into a wall and while attempting to flee on foot, a police officer shot him fatally.

The Syrian was serving time for migrant trafficking, illegal entry into the country and driving without a license. In June he was arrested once more for stealing a vehicle and possession of narcotic substances.

The officer is currently detained, and a case is being filed against him by the public prosecutor while the Hellenic Police is waiting to initiate a disciplinary investigation.

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