Greece to receive first batch of SeaHake Mod4 torpedoes for submarines

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Greece is anticipating the delivery of the initial batch of heavyweight torpedoes for its Papanikolis-class Type 214 submarines, which are considered the most technologically advanced vessels in the Hellenic Navy. The delivery is expected to take place in December, following a delay of 12 years.

The Hellenic Submarines Command, based at the Salamis naval base, is preparing to receive a total of 44 SeaHake Mod4 heavyweight torpedoes, renowned for their dual-purpose capabilities.

Additionally, an undisclosed number of training practice torpedoes will also be included in the shipment.

The installation of the initial torpedo loads is scheduled to take place during the summer of 2024. Greek naval officers are currently in Germany, undergoing specialized training on the new weapon system to ensure optimal utilization and integration within the submarine fleet. [kathimerini]

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