Tom Brady vacations in Corfu! The luxury yacht and family vacations

Tom Brady is in Corfu July 2023

No one can pinpoint the financial footprint of a high-profile couple's split like that of runway superstar Gisele from seven-time American football champion Tom Brady, but it's now certain that their decision to go separate ways deprived the paparazzi of a snapshot of the Brazilian beauty in Corfu.

Nonetheless, the 45-year-old athlete arrived for a short vacation in the Greek island accompanied by his three children and not by his former partner.

That is not to say that the veteran athlete and current sports commentator of the FOX network - the highest paid in the history of American television with a ten-year contract worth 375 million dollars - did not embody a first-class ambassador of the Greek summer.

Tom Brady is in Corfu July 2023

Tom Brady is in Corfu July 2023

His Instagram story with a view of the almost unspoiled, virgin bays of Corfu, which he even decorated with the icon of a red heart and the Greek flag, became logically rapturous. After all, we live in a world and we are going through an era where everyone's importance is judged by the sum of their followers.

Brady has a flock of 13.9 million followers.

If one puts into the equation his personal fortune, which is estimated by the financial press at half a billion dollars, then the combination escalates to untouchable.

The money that Brady made after 23 seasons in the NFL - 20 of them with the New England Patriots - is also the answer to those who might have been impressed by the boat he chose to cruise the Ionian with and, above all, deducted from its rental price.

The American who arrived in Greece after a short passage from France, where he watched the final of Roland Garros, preferred the safety, discretion and, above all, the privacy of a yacht for his vacation.

And not just any yacht. Built in the famous Lürssen, Germany, the 95 metre yacht 'Madsummer' seems destined to satisfy the most sophisticated and luxurious vacationer's fantasy.

As you know, everything here is paid for. And indeed in the case of the boat in question, it's a "bargain," since its rental price for one week starts from 1.6 million euros.

Tom Brady is in Corfu July 2023

Tom Brady is in Corfu July 2023

The question naturally arises as to how he lives anyway. His nutritional plan, which even many athletes follow as gospel, can be found by searching for the TB12 method, which has now grown so commercially that it has its own full line of nutritional supplements.

Fortunately, he planned to redeem his good physical condition and athletic achievements like this.

Let's not forget that shortly after the announcement of their divorce, in the fall of 2022, it became known that Brady and Gisele lost about $45 million dollars due to the collapse of the cryptocurrency company FTX, for which they both acted as a brand ambassador.

It's been a rough and tumble winter for Brady, but it looks like he's managed to wash it off in the waters of the Ionian—in the 12-foot pool of his luxury charter boat.

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