George Clooney is stylish and tanned on a Mykonos beach: New photos from his trip to Greece

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George Clooney was in Mykonos, together with other famous people, such as the actor Paul Wesley, known mainly for his participation in the television series "The Vampire Diaries", for a glamorous event on the beach of Lia a few days ago.

Omega guests were captured by photographers under the hot sun, with Clooney, 62, wearing a dark grey suit and white shirt for the occasion. Wesley was dressed more casually in white trousers, a light-coloured T-shirt and a petrol jacket.

Clooney was in Greece for the event of the international launch of Seamaster Blue Summer.

To pay tribute to the watch that marked Omega's presence in the oceans, the Swiss company has created a new collection of dials distinguished by their bold design and intense colour that evokes a perfect day in the ocean's vastness.

The seven iconic models – a total of eleven watches – follow an evolutionary path from formal wear to advanced diving technology.

Check out the new photos of George Clooney and Paul Wesley:

George Clooney in Mykonos 2023

George Clooney in Mykonos 2023

George Clooney in Mykonos 2023

Meanwhile, way back in January, new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn was quoted as saying The Flash would "reset" the DC Extended Universe, setting the stage for the new DCU.

"Everything from [Superman: Legacy] forward will be canon and will be connected," the filmmaker was quoted as saying. "We’re using some actors from the past. We’re not using other actors from the past, but everything from that moment will be connected and consistent."

Since then, the waters have been further muddied, with Blue Beetle supposedly part of the DCU and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom widely thought to be the final time Jason Momoa plays Arthur Curry before becoming Lobo. Then, there's the way The Flash ends.

While it initially looks like Barry Allen has fixed his timeline, we later learn that the Scarlet Speedster's decision to help clear his father's name has resulted in another major change to the timeline, with George Clooney's Bruce Wayne replacing Ben Affleck's.

Seeing as Gunn has suggested The Flash would be what creates the DCU, there's been speculation among fans The Brave and the Bold will see Clooney reprise his role as Batman to train his son as Robin.

Now, the filmmaker has finally confirmed that will not be the case.

The Flash's closing moments would have been a great place to introduce the new Batman, but it's far too soon for that as the role is nowhere near being cast. Presumably, Gunn meant that The Flash introduces the concept of a Multiverse rather than the hero literally creating the new DCU we'll soon spend time in.

You can check out Gunn's response - from his new Threads account.

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