Education sector of China facing chaos due to frequent scandals, finds report

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The education sector of China is facing chaos due to frequent scandals, tarnishing its reputation and causing extensive damage, Greece-based Infognomon Politics reported. The primary responsibility for these issues lies with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership.

The culprit for the situation of education sector of China is the party leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Infognomon Politics reported. The CCP focuses on indoctrinating teachers who follow the party’s agenda and do not foster critical thinking and political development.

One particularly notorius incident involves the former Principal of Bo’ai Special Education School in Suixian County of Hubei Liu Aiye. Liu was involved in the sexual molestation of several specially abled underage girls in the premises of schools, Infognomon Politics reported. The court took four years to conclude the case with Liu being charged with crime of obscenity in May 2022.

Just a year prior to these revelations, Liu was praised as a heroic figure in propaganda. The root cause of these problems could be related to the ideological orientation of the education system in China which stresses on instilling patriotic, collectivistic, and socialist values, neglecting the crucial aspects of morality and personal responsibility.

Eudcation should ideally instill a sense of ethics and accountability in individuals. However, the current education system in China falls short in this regard which plays a part in the turmoil and negative outcomes. The Chinese education system has been criticized for stressed on exams and its focus on molding individuals into conforming to the CCP’s ideology.

Students are taught to prioritise loyalty to CCP above all, sparking concerns regarding the system’s influence on their independence of thought. This deviation from the core principles of education affects its essential purpose, Infognomon Politics reported. Textbooks of the school often includes propaganda, instilling in children a sense of unwavering devotion to the party.

Some critics have said that this extreme indoctrination removes the concept of “citizen” from education materials, leaving students with a limited understanding of their role within society. The education system under the CCP has not focused on the promotion of universal values. Instead of focusing on philosophical thinking, the focus have moved towards politics and the principles of the rule of law and civic education, as per the Infognomon Politics report.

Further, indoctrination has replaced critical thinking. A prominent scholar has said that the scandals involving Liu Aiye has been caused due to an education system shaped by party leadership lacking moral values or universal values, the report said. Teachers who have immigrated from China have claimed that classroom teaching is often not sufficient and additional tutoring is given at a cost.

The Chinese education system is characterised by a component called as “special recruitment,” Infognomon Politics reported. This process enables children from privileged backgrounds, including those from the elite class, to get admission to top-tier institutions, irrespective of their academic performance. As per the news report, the primary goal of the CCP is to cultivate individuals who meet the desired qualifications, often termed as “qualified leeks.”

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