CRETE: Pakistani man attacked 17-year-old female tourists from Denmark days after being arrested

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Two 17-year-old girls from Denmark experienced terror despite arriving in Crete to enjoy their summer vacation.

According to Thestival, a 19-year-old Pakistani man attacked the two underage female tourists at the hotel where they were staying. He first threw one of the two minors to the ground and then tried to grab the second one.

The 17-year-olds did not lose their cool. They resisted and as soon as they got the chance they ran to their room. The Pakistani followed them, but they closed the door in time.

They immediately notified the employee at the hotel reception, who in turn called the police on 100. The perpetrator left the hotel but was spotted by police officers nearby and arrested.

Earlier, the 19-year-old Pakistani had committed a barrage of criminal acts. He initially attempted to break into rooms in the same hotel. He then attacked two young tourists outside their room with the intention of robbing them.

He later left the hotel and attempted to break into a nearby detached house. He was noticed by the owner and ran back to the hotel. There he found the two Danish tourists and attacked them.

The 19-year-old attacker was under the influence of drugs at the time of the attack.  When questioned by the police, he replied that he works in a local restaurant as a waiter.

The Pakistani was identified as the perpetrator by the 17-year-old girls, by the owner of the single-family house and by the young tourists he attempted to rob. Charges were filed against him for assaulting minors, attempted robbery and attempted theft.

He was arrested 3 days ago!

According to the Thestival, three days ago the 19-year-old Pakistani was arrested for attempted theft in the city of Heraklion. He was released on parole and given a deadline to testify three days later.

He was imprisoned but… released early

In October 2021 he was sent to prison after being convicted of robbery, causing dangerous bodily harm and using a weapon. The original sentence of 4 years was reduced to 32 months on appeal. He was finally released early on May 15, 2023, serving about 18 months in prison.

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