Turkey: British woman went viral on TikTok for sneaking into an all-inclusive resort with her family (VIDEO)

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A British woman filmed herself and their children entering a luxury hotel in Turkey wearing used all-inclusive wristbands.

39-year-old Roxanne Balciunas, who, as DailyMail reports, stayed for the first time at the Ramada Hotel & Suites in Ephesus Neopolis (Ἔφεσος Νεόπολις, Turkish: Kuşadası) in May 2023, enjoying an all-inclusive vacation with her family.

Returning to Great Britain, she found the wristbands that she and her family had worn during their stay at the luxury resort thrown away in her luggage. So she booked a new stay at this particular hotel, specifically on July 7.

Watch the video:

With her two children, aged 13 and 6, the mother stayed in a cheap apartment ten minutes from the hotel and used the same wristbands she had on her first trip to get in.

As she claimed, she initially entered the hotel in order to surprise her mother who was staying there. In fact, she was sure that she would take advantage of the facilities offered by this particular resort.

Meanwhile in a video posted on TikTok on July 12, the mother and her children are seen eating ice creams, enjoying drinks, eating sumptuous meals and relaxing at the hotel pool.

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In the same video, the woman can be heard gloating about her feat and adding that she enjoyed her stay there. She even claimed that her family goes on vacation every month and stays in four- and five-star all-inclusive accommodations.

In addition, she added that they were lucky as during their second stay the hotel used the same colour wristbands that they had used during their first stay, so no one could stop them.

Due to her own decision to post this particular video on TikTok, it is almost certain that she will not be given another opportunity to scam the Turkish resort.

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Roxanne said that the family ate more of the food at the Ramada this time than they did during their paying stay - claiming the fact it was free made it 'more exciting'.

She said: 'My mum only booked her holiday a week ago, it was a last-minute thing. I kind of steered my mum towards that hotel, and when I found our bands from May, I was like "this is great".'

'I was just messing about, saying "we'll go and eat their food". I was just joking at first to the kids, but then we did. I booked last minute to go and surprise her. I used the bands, and it worked.

'The hotel we stayed in was clean, but when we go on holiday, we do go five-star all inclusive, or four minimum.

'They didn't check my wristbands when I first walked in. Because I had it on, nobody checked because they could see I was wearing one.

'My son thought it was quite funny. Every time we were eating something, he was like, "free chips, free food".

'It made it more exciting because it was free. I think I ate more this time than I did last time when we paid.'

Roxanne says: 'It's a lovely hotel. That's why I steered my mum towards it. We really enjoyed it.

'My wristband was slightly different. It was a really fine print in black, whereas my mum's new one had a bigger print.

'I was really conscious that they'd notice, but luckily they didn't. Sometimes they have different colour bands, so we got lucky that it was that colour band that week.

'I don't know if I'd do it again. It's on TikTok so they've probably seen it.'

Her video racked up more than 900 likes, shares and comments, and viewers were quick to share their differing opinions in the comments.

While some praised the mother's supposed 'bravery', others were more critical.

One said: 'Absolutely hilarious. Well done.' A second said: 'Bloody hell - you are braver than me.'

A third said: 'Why would you air yourself? Some things are better left unsaid.'

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