45°C plus days coming for Spain, Italy, and Greece as we head into next week

heatwave europe heat dome spain italy greece summer 2023 2m temperature anomaly tuesday

The southern half of Europe was experiencing scorching heat this week, but a strengthening heat dome over the Mediterranean will soon worsen the situation. It will induce more extreme heat across the southern half of Europe in the following days. The strongest heatwave of the summer of 2023 continues and will bring even higher temperatures, reaching nearly +45 °C in Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Over the weekend, some relief came with the temporarily mixed air mass from the recent severe weather outbreaks across south-central Europe. However, it won’t last long. The Mediterranean is overheating again. The following days will bring extremely high temperatures for many countries in the south, Spain, Italy, and later on Greece as well.

After Monday, temperatures are forecast to climb into the low to mid-40 °C across parts of Spain and southern Portugal, south-central Italy, and later over the south of Balkans, Greece in particular.

Although Europe is already experiencing a powerful heatwave this month, the forecasted temperatures will be the highest of the summer season, especially for South Europe, Italy in particular

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