Australian man and dog found after months stranded in ocean


An extraordinary story of survival unfolded when an Australian sailor and his dog were rescued after being stranded in the Pacific Ocean for approximately three months.

Tim Shaddock and his dog Bella embarked on their journey from La Paz, Mexico to French Polynesia in April, but encountered bad weather that damaged their boat and wiped out their electronics just one month into the trip. Cut off from communication and navigation, Shaddock and Bella relied on raw fish and rainwater for sustenance as they drifted for two months until they were spotted by a tuna trawler's helicopter on Thursday.

Australian man and dog found after months stranded in ocean 1

Rescuers found Shaddock with an overgrown beard and a visibly emaciated figure, but fortunately, neither he nor his dog sustained any major injuries or illnesses. In a video obtained by Nine News, Shaddock expressed his need for rest and nourishment after being alone at sea for an extended period. Both Shaddock and Bella are currently receiving care and treatment from the rescuers, as they are being transported back to Mexico on the tuna trawler. Once in Mexico, they will undergo further medical treatment.

This recent ordeal at sea is not the first time Shaddock has faced adversity. Over two decades ago, he battled stage four bowel cancer and overcame it by adopting a raw food diet. In an interview with The Raw Food Kitchen blog in 2013, Shaddock shared how he had written a bucket list before making the dietary change, and gradually discovered health ideas that helped him recover and improve his quality of life.

The dramatic rescue and Shaddock's inspiring journey of survival have drawn comparisons to the movie "Cast Away" starring Tom Hanks, capturing attention worldwide.


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