Greek Airbnb property owner wonders if she should charge guests who leave due to fire

Dervenochoria fire July 2023 airbnb

Fire fronts across Greece destroyed many homes yesterday, but one Airbnb user had greater concerns...

In the face of this disaster, there were also unimaginable situations, such as the case of a property owner who asked an incredible question in the middle of fires and went viral, causing outrage.

Specifically, on a Greek Airbnb Facebook age, she asked if she should charge the customers of her accommodation located in an area where a fire had broken out.

"Good evening. I have a serious problem. A fire has broken out in the surrounding areas of Saronida, which makes the atmosphere stifling for the guests. The guests left. What is predicted, and what do you think is right? Money return? Will I get hurt, or is the guest just unlucky as I am not responsible for fires that happen in surrounding areas? I would like your opinion to help," the Airbnb owner wrote.

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This question caused - reasonably - many reactions since at the time when so many areas and properties were burning, while there were also animal losses, a person was thinking about the way they could not be financially damaged in a minor way.

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