Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards: 7 Greek islands at the top of Europe

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Regarding Greek destinations, Paros retains the top spot in this year's Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards. It was voted by the readers of the travel magazine as one of the best destinations in Europe, ranking third.

The criteria by which the islands were rated were: 1. Natural attractions/beaches, 2. Activities/attractions. 3. Restaurants/food, 4. People/friendliness, 5. Value.

Regarding the rating of the Greek islands, the list was as follows:

Paros (3rd place) with a rating of 92.47

Paros Naoussa

Rhodes and Dodecanese (5th place) with a rating of 90.67

Lindos Rhodes

Santorini (8th place) with a rating of 89.51

Santorini touristMilos (9th position) with a score of 89.33

Crete (11th place) with a score of 88.68

Mykonos(13th place) with a score of 86.74

Corfu and Ionian Islands (14th place) with a score of 86.32

Commenting on this important distinction, the Mayor of Paros, Markos Kovaios, emphasised:

"After the recent survey we carried out through Trip Advisor, where Paros collected overwhelmingly good reviews on all levels of its services from its own visitors, comes another important fact, this time from the readers of Travel + Leisure who sealed with their vote the great success of our island in terms of popularity and recognition.

"At a time when the bet of every tourist destination is the satisfaction of its visitors in order to ensure the repetition of the visit, these distinctions reinforce our belief that we are on the right track and operate effectively within the framework of the approach of quality goals.

"And because the criteria refer to value and friendliness in combination with the interests of the island, I consider them to be strong proof that the human factor, thanks to the professionalism of the residents, contributed and contributes to the global recognition of our place".

However, apart from the vote of the readers of the internationally recognised magazine, other media continue to praise Paros. The most recent was from the Spanish travel media in an article titled “Don't know which Greek islands to visit?

Highlighting Milos, along with Santorini and Mykonos, as classic choices for Spaniards, the magazine points out about Paros: "If you are traveling with children, Paros is one of the islands you must visit. The reasons are various."

As it notes, “it's a little cheaper than the rest. When the costs are multiplied by two, three or four people, everything becomes more difficult, especially if you go with friends or family. So that's a good reason to choose it."

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