Tsitsipas and Badosa are in Hydra – Tsitsidosa did Instagram live for their fans (VIDEOS)

Stefanos Tsitsipas, Paula Badosa

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Bandosa, the tennis super couple affectionately known as Tsitsidosa, are enjoying their holidays and their love in Hydra and did an Instagram live stream, answering almost everything their fans asked them.

After completing their Wimbledon obligations, after watching the concert of Harry Styles in Madrid, the couple are now in Greece for a few days’ vacation.

Tsitsidosa, as the new channel is known, made sure to let their fans know exactly where they were, but they did not stop there as during their mini cruise they decided to go live on Instagram, answering as many questions as they could.

As expected the questions rained down on the lover-birds who tried to satisfy the curiosity of the world, except… in certain cases.

At one point Stefanos and Paula were asked if they were ever friends and both burst out laughing. “I didn’t even say hello to her…” said Stefanos only for Paula to confirm.

“All that until one day I started waving at her. She thought I was the most arrogant guy on earth,” Tsitsipas continued and Paula added: “I was thinking to myself, what’s wrong with this guy? He was walking by and he wasn’t even looking at me.”

Tsitsipas explained why he was behaving like that with a smile: “Think how nervous I was and I didn’t even say good morning to her. But now those days are in the past. I say hello to her and give her flowers.”

See the videos:

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