Fires in Greece: Firefighter fainted from exhausting extinguishing efforts (VIDEO)


Fires continue to rage for the third day in a row in several regions of the country. One of the fronts that started from Megara has currently reached N. Peramos.

As the Mega news bulletin reported, one firefighter was exhausted from the heat and stifling atmosphere, causing him to pass out.

In the footage the camera shows, the firefighter is lying on the ground holding his head.

According to the report, he is in good health, while anambulance immediately arrived at the scene and took him to the Thriasio hospital.

Fire Brigade spokesperson Yiannis Artopios, in an update on the wildfires burning in Greece on Wednesday, said that strong firefighting forces on the ground and in the air were battling the fire that began in Dervenochoria on Monday and spread to West Attica, including nine planes and 11 helicopters, of which two were coordinating the firefighting effort.

Strong firefighting forces are also operating against the wildfire in the Loutraki area, assisted by 3 three firefighting aircraft and two helicopters, one of which has a coordinating role, he said.

As Artopios said, there is a very high risk of fire on Thursday for the regions of Attica, Boeotia, Evia, Corinth and Argolida.

Some 3,472 hectares (34,724 stremmas) were destroyed by the wildfire that broke out on Monday at Kouvaras, in Southeast Attica, and which spread to the East Attica areas of Lagonissi, Saronida and Anavissos, it was reported on Wednesday.

This satellite data was provided by the European Union's Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Mapping agency, that was activated by order of Vassilis Papageorgiou, Secretary General of the Greek Civil Protection General Secretariat's Directorate of Emergency Response & Planning.


Firefighting airplanes began water drops again on the fire on the Southeast Aegean island of Rhodes, following an interruption because of thick smoke on Wednesday.

The wildfire's four fronts have led to the precautionary evacuation of three villages and of the archaeological site of Ancient Kamiros as of Wednesday afternoon. Specifically, as mentioned at the earlier briefing by Artopoios, the villages of Dimylia, Salako, and Eleoussa were warned to evacuate through the 112 emergency sms (text messaging) system.

In addition, the Archaeological Ephorate of the Dodecanese Islands evacuated visitors and staff from the site of Ancient Kameiros, in the northwest section of the island, as a precautionary measure. Kamiros is one of three major archaeological sites on the island, along with Ialyssos and Lindos.

As the Fire Brigade spokesperson said in a briefing in Athens earlier in the day, the fire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon is burning mostly in the center of the island.

Working to put the fire out are 103 firefighters with 3 rough terrain teams and 28 fire trucks, while 3 aircraft and 4 helicopters are helping by air.

The city of Rhodes said it has prepared air conditioned and safe spaces for people who have had to leave their homes. In addition, it said that another 7 fire trucks will arrive in Rhodes on Thursday morning to help put out the large fire.

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