Ladakh: Monks laud PM Modis call for world peace, thank him for developing Buddhist places

Indian Prime Minister Narandra Modi

At the conclusion of the Peace Walk organised in Ladakh, Buddhist monks in Ladakh lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modis call for peace in the world and also thanked him for the development of Buddhist places in India.

A three-day World Peace Conference and Peace Walk, with the aim of spreading peace and harmony, has concluded in Ladakh. Buddhist monks and devotees and local people participated in this event.

A 10-point Ladakh peace declaration was also signed on the occasion.

The aim of the event was to spread the message of unity and togetherness by promoting peace and harmony in the world.

In todays world wars, terrorism, upheavals and various kinds of violence, civil wars and challenges, have thrown the world into a state of unrest, mistrust and tension.

All world powers, for natural resources, religious issues and every little thing are resorting to violence. This is a matter of concern for mankind. The importance of peace and harmony increases even more at times like these.

Gurus and eminent scholars from different countries together gathered and expressed their views here on one platform at the international conference.

Buddhist monks and devotees from around seven countries participated in the conference, where it was deliberated on how to deal with contemporary global challenges with the help of Buddhist philosophy and ideology.

Organized by Mahabodhi International Meditation Center (MIMC) Ladakh, this programme featured participants from countries such as Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the United States of America.

About 2500 leaders of different religions, devotees and eminent scholars participated, including members of the Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF) convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu.

Carryingprayersandpeacemessages, a large congregation ofBuddhist monksfrom across countries along with other devotees, leaders of other religious communities, and students carried out apeacewalk to promote worldpeaceand harmony on Sunday inLadakh. TheIndian Minorities Foundation (IMF) also participated.

Spreading LordBuddha's messages ofpeaceand harmony, they walked from NDS stadium toShanti StupainLeh,Ladakhwhich is locatedat an elevation of 11,841 feet above sea level, which culminated the 32-dayPadh Yatra, of 150Buddhist monksand laypersons ofThailand, for worldpeace.

Bhikkhu Sanghasena, Founder and President ofMahabodhi International Meditation Center(MIMC),Leh,Ladakh, said, The whole world is going through many challenges. It needs a great leader... who can bringpeaceand harmony and friendship to the whole world. And that is ourprime ministerNarendraModiwho is a Karmyogi himself.

He said thatIndiais fortunate to have such a great leader who combines spiritual values like yoga, meditation, and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.Ven Bhikkhu Sanghasena, who is an internationally recognized and respected Buddhist leader, said, Indiais fortunate to have such a great leader. There are many economical leaders, and technological leaders, political leaders but everyone is missing one quality, the spiritual part. Prime Minister NarendraModicombines spiritual values like yoga, meditation, and Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. He brings it to the general development."

He said that America and European countries are great. they have done wonderful work. They invented a lot of physical comforts, but it was not enough. They failed in leading the world harmoniously.

The whole world is looking atIndiaandPMModito lead the world with our ancient wisdom of Mahakaruna, Ahimsa, Yoga, Meditation and Maitri. We all should feel fortunate thatIndiais under the leadership ofPMModiwho spreadspeaceand harmony, said Bhikkhu Sanghasena, adding thatPMModihas emerged as a globalpeacemaker.

TheIndian Minorities Foundation (IMF) was also part of thepeacewalk led by its convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu.Dr Pornchai Palawadhammo, President of the World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB), based inThailand, who was part of thePadh Yatra, said thatIndiais the motherland of Buddhism and it teachespeace.

IndiaandThailandcan work together and createpeacefor the world.IndianPMNarendraModiis a powerful and popular man and he understands the teachings ofBuddhaand he practices them, he said.

Local students participating in the Peace Walk said that under the leadership of Prime MinisterModi, there has been significant development in the field of education inLadakh.

"After the declaration ofLadakhas a Union Territory, a new phase of development has begun.Ladakhhas got a Central University, a college, and many schools. As a result of which the level of education inLadakhhas increased," said a student.

The DhammaPadh YatrareachedMahabodhi International Meditation Center(MIMC)Ladakhtoday. It was started for worldpeaceon June 12, 2023, fromDharamshalainHimachal Pradesh.On their arrival atMIMCon Sunday, they were welcomed by Bhikkhu Sanghasena and the delegation of theIndian Minorities Foundation (IMF) led by its convenor Satnam Singh Sandhu who also participated in thepeacewalk.

Comprising ofBuddhist monks, leaders of other faiths, religious bodies, community leaders, devotees, and students, a congregation of nearly 2500 participated, which included monks from countries likeThailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and the US, in thepeacewalk which aimed to propagate the message ofpeaceand harmony.

They also held prayers for world peace at Shanti Stupa. 


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