Turkish media on the fires: "Alert in Greece"

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Turkish media are giving a lot of publicity to the battle that the fire brigades are having with the flames in Greece to control the fires in Megara, Loutraki, Rhodes and Laconia. The reports are based on the large number of fires, which even led to the evacuation of settlements.

"Alert in Greece! 66 new fires: A heat wave is coming" is the title of an article in the Milliyet newspaper. "Most of them were extinguished due to the quick response of the firefighting teams. The fires continue around the capital Athens and Rhodes" the publication notes.

"In the last 24 hours, 66 new fires broke out in Greece and most of them were extinguished as a result of the rapid response of the firefighting teams" Sabah newspaper comments

"Greece is fighting the flames! 66 fires in 24 hours" is the title of a publication of the Karar newspaper, noting that: "Following Greece's request to activate the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union, 4 aircraft were sent from Italy and France, while teams from Romania, Poland and Slovakia are participating in extinguishing efforts".

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"The heat and strong winds in Greece resulted in many fires in various areas. Efforts to put them out are continuing," writes TRT Haber, showing related images.

"66 fires in Greece in the last 24 hours" writes the Star newspaper , noting that in the case of Rhodes, a state of emergency was declared in three areas of the island.

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