Turkish media blames Greece for closed minority schools - What Really Happened?

Turkish media

Turkish media accuse Greece of "provocations" due to the decision to suspend nine minority schools in Rodopi and Xanthi.

"Greece took a reactionary step against the Turkish schools in Western Thrace, which the Treaty of Lausanne protects. The administration of Athens has decided to close seven Turkish minority primary schools in Rodopi and two in Xanthi," writes the Turkiye newspaper, arguing that Greece "is taking a step towards escalating the tension towards Turkey".

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The schools that suspend their operation in the absence of students are in the villages of Amaranta, Amfia, Darmeni, Kato Kardamos, Porpi, Salpi, Stylario (Rodopi) Aiora, Palios Zygos (Xanthi).

Of course, the Turkish mass media do not report the whole truth since not only nine minority schools are closed, but also eleven (seven in Rodopi and four in Xanthi) public schools were shut, something that happens all over Greece when the number of students is not met.

In these circumstances, education takes place in neighbouring schools with free transportation for the children.

"Greece signed a decision that will cause reactions. Claiming that the number of students in Western Thrace was insufficient, they decided to close nine minority schools," writes the TGRT network, noting that "the number of minority schools operating in Western Thrace has dropped to 90."

The 24 TV network presented the issue at great length, commenting that: "Greece continues the steps that provoke reactions against the "Turkish" minority in Western Thrace. He decided to close nine more minority schools."

The newspaper Aydinlik comments: "According to the decision of the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education of Greece, seven Turkish minority primary schools in Rodopi and two Turkish minority primary schools in Xanthi will be closed"

Under the title "Scandalous decision from Greece... The closing of schools causes reactions" the newspaper Aksam refers to the issue, displaying announcements by pro-Turkish minority organisations.

"With a written statement of the Consultative Council of the "Turkish" Minority of Western Thrace, the Greek Ministry of Education was condemned, which decided to close nine more minority schools," the publication states, continuing: "The Peace Party for Equality Friendship (DEB) also reported in his statement: "Confronting such a decision after the threatening statements and attitudes towards the Muslim "Turkish" minority of Western Thrace in the recent elections disappoints the minority once again."

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