Turkish TV advertises Greece as an ideal destination for cheap holidays!


A news bulletin from a Turkish TV network advertises Greece as a cheap holiday destination.

The Turkish presenter has taken the boat and gone to Thassos.

"Here we can have a vacation with better prices compared to the prices of Antalya and Izmir. Here it is more comfortable and quieter," the Turkish TV network Show Haber reported in a report on the main news bulletin.

Haber reported: “Holiday costs have risen, as the lira has depreciated and travel abroad has become a dream for many. Let's see the cost of a trip to Greece, which is next to us.

"We looked it up for you. Our reporter travelled from Istanbul to Thassos. Let's begin our journey.

"After about 6 hours, we arrived at Keramoti. Here we boarded a ship. Four people paid 45 euros and in half an hour we will be in Thassos."

"The tour of the Show Tv group in Greece continues. This time they went to the beaches and researched prices from rent to food and the results are impressive. The image is impressive and for some it is legendary. You see there is an image of a tropical beach.

"Crystal clear sea, beaches and wonderful sun. We were pleased as they are hospitable. Here is another beach of Thassos. Its name is Marmara beach. As it takes its name from the marble quarries. You come here with your car and you don't pay anything to park it.

"Here we can have holidays with better prices compared to the prices of Antalya and Izmir. Here they are more comfortable, cheaper and quieter. While in Antalya and Izmir there are many people.

"Here are the umbrellas with the sunbeds. You pay just 15 euros and they also give you a free drink."

Meanwhile, Turkey’s central bank increased its key interest rate by 250 basis points to 17.5% on Thursday. This is below analyst forecasts of 500 basis points as the country’s monetary policymakers attempt to lower double-digit inflation.

“Monetary tightening will be further strengthened as much as needed in a timely and gradual manner until a significant improvement in the inflation outlook is achieved,” the bank said in a statement, after its interest rate decision.

The Turkish lira fell about half a percentage point against the dollar on the news, trading at 26.92. Earlier this week, the lira hit a fresh record low of 26.9 against the dollar over market concerns that the coming rate rise would be less than expected.

The currency has lost 30% of its value against the dollar this year.

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