Fires Raging in Rhodes: Operations Underway on Three Fronts

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Three fire fronts in Rhodes are currently being dealt with by operations to extinguish the fires.

The focus is on the fronts in Kiotari and south-west towards Gennadi, where ground forces are working and earthworks are being done to prevent the fire from spreading. A number of aircraft, including tractors, a Mi-8, 2 Chinooks, and a coordination BK-117, are being used along with an S-64 helicopter in Laerma.

Efforts are being made to control flare-ups and prevent the fire from spreading further north towards the dense forest on the front from Apollo to Prophet Ilias. On the front east of the artificial lake Gadoura, steps are being taken to stop the fire from spreading to Kalathos.

The safety and protection of human life are the top priority for the State, which has evacuated and accommodated residents and visitors in hotels, conference centers, gyms, schools, and public/municipal spaces. Temporary accommodations have been provided with food, water, and medical monitoring.

Hotel guest relations managers and school principals are assisting with communication and support for those who have been evacuated. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies are operating a hotspot at Rhodes airport to assist visitors who lost or did not have their travel documents during the evacuations, ensuring they can return to their home countries.

Contrary to reports, the village of Laerma has not been completely burned, as inspections have shown that it is intact inside, with only 1-2 abandoned warehouses burned.

A significant number of resources are being deployed to combat the fires, including 16 groups of hikers, 266 firefighters, 49 water vehicles, 10 vehicles with 60 personnel arriving soon, and 5 helicopters along with 10 aircraft dropping water from the air.

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Fires Raging in Rhodes: Operations Underway on Three Fronts 1

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