The killer of the 64-year-old in Thessaloniki: "He wanted to go back to prison," says his sister


The death of the 64-year-old in Thessaloniki is due to a combination of head injuries and suffocation after strangulation with a cord, the conclusion of the forensic examination showed.

The 29-year-old, who himself confessed to the heinous act when he came to the police station in Thessaloniki on Wednesday, was given a deadline to testify for next Tuesday, while he will remain in custody.

As for the victim, he was murdered in the early hours of Wednesday, around 4 or 5 in the morning. The self-confessed perpetrator beat him severely and strangled him with a cord.

The victim's wounds on his arms and legs were probably attributed to a mild struggle with the perpetrator. From the autopsy, it is not alleged that the victim had performed sexual acts, but the possibility cannot be completely ruled out.

During the preliminary investigation, the arrested person testified that he committed the act because the victim sexually assaulted him.

The man was found dead in a pool of blood due to the beating. However, the autopsy did not show that the victim had been stabbed, although knives were found at the scene of the crime, Voria reported.

Meanwhile the sister of the perpetrator, speaking to reporters outside the Courthouse, said the 29-year-old is a "painful man" who "has been through a lot in his life and does not open up easily."

He added that the 29-year-old wanted to go back to prison to get rid of drugs. "I was in for 4 months and I came out a different person, I want to experience it again," he allegedly told her.

She also confirmed that her brother's claim that she had killed two foreigners and thrown them into a river was not true. That's not true, but she said it to get back in jail, she said.

The 29-year-old had recently been jailed for theft and drugs.

Prosecution for homicide

Criminal prosecution was brought against the 29-year-old for manslaughter, illegal carrying of weapons and use of a knife.

He reportedly confessed to the crime in front of the prosecutor, but without going into details. During preliminary investigation, he testified that he committed his act because the victim sexually assaulted him.

The 64-year-old suffered multiple stab wounds and blows to the face and head, according to the forensic findings so far. With the dead man's blood, the perpetrator seems to have written on the wall of the room the phrase " Pederasti-1 " .

Immediately after his heinous act, he took the victim's motorbike and handed himself over to the Police, where he revealed the crime.

"He approached me and asked me to do some work for him at his house, " he allegedly claimed to the officers of the Crimes Against Life Department, describing his acquaintance with the 64-year-old and the reason why he followed him yesterday morning, to his apartment on Kazantzaki Street.

Just days before committing the murder, the 29-year-old, who had recently been released from prison for theft and drugs, presented himself at a police station in Thessaloniki, where he testified - falsely as it turned out - that he murdered two foreigners who tried to rob him.

He claimed that he threw their bodies into a river.

For this claim, which was not confirmed, a case was filed by the Police for a false complaint, an act for which he was sentenced, last Tuesday, by the Three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki, to 8 months in prison, with a 3-year suspension.

His sister, in her statements, said that she filed this complaint because she wanted to return to prison in order to detox . He also noted that the 29-year-old is facing psychological problems.

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