Wildfires rage on Greek island of Rhodes as People evacuated to safety

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According to fire services spokesman Yannis Artopoios, new evacuation orders have been issued for the villages of Gennadi and Kiotari with the direction towards Plimiri on the eastern side of the island, as reported on ERT TV.

Additionally, a boat owner involved in the beach evacuations has stated on Skai TV that they have received orders from the Port Authority to return to Gennadi for further evacuations, as there are over 500 people at the beach. Tourists have been evacuating to the beach since the early afternoon, some with their suitcases and children in strollers, as shown in television footage and on social media.

Officials on the Greek holiday island have today evacuated 30,000 people threatened by wildfires to safety - including 2,000 who had to flee on small boats and ferries.

'The aim is to protect human life,' he said.

George Hadjimarkos, regional governor of the South Aegean, told Skai television that the operation, which is still ongoing, had been hampered by fires cutting off some road access.

Media reports suggest that some individuals had missed their flights due to the fires, which have disrupted normal transportation routes on the island.

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Wildfires rage on Greek island of Rhodes as People evacuated to safety 1

During the day, five helicopters and 200 firefighters battled the blaze, but air support was called off once darkness fell.

The fire in Rhodes is still out of control in the areas of Laermon and Lardos, while further inland in the village of Laerma, houses and a church are reportedly being consumed by the fire, according to reports from ANA news agency and ERT TV.

The authorities proceeded to arrest a person with possible involvement in the fire that has been burning for the 5th day in Rhodes.

The suspect was located in the village of Apollona and is being brought in after statements and testimonies from volunteers.

For the time being he is being questioned and not an under arrest according to the "Rodiaki" newspaper

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Wildfires rage on Greek island of Rhodes as People evacuated to safety 2

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