Rhodes: Shocking video by a tourist in Lindos - The hotel he stayed in before and after the fire

Rhodes, Lindos Imperial

Thousands of tourists on Rhodes were forced to cut short their holiday in terrifying fashion and are now scrambling to return home as a massive fire swept across the island for days, prompting the biggest disaster evacuation ever in Greece.

Entire families have been forced to huddle on the floors of Rhodes International Airport and in sports halls for the second night as they wait to be flown home. With temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius, the situation becomes even more difficult.

In fact, there are many who upload videos on social media of the shocking moments they experienced on the island in the last few days. One of the tourists who was in a hotel in Lindos uploaded the "before" and "after" of the huge fire that burned down the hotel where he was staying.

Watch the video:


Seven days after the first outbreak of fire, Rhodes continues to burn. The fronts have spread to the eastern part of the island, intensifying the image of chaos into which the fire fronts rolled it. In the east, where there is now nothing left to burn, the images are heartbreaking.

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