Fires: Video of Turkish firefighting aircraft helping Greece extinguish the flames

Turkish firefighting aircraft

Turkish media has focused on the diplomacy of disasters as Ankara is now helping the Greek authorities to extinguish fires devastating the country.

Turkish aircraft are participating in the extinguishing efforts in Greece, which is facing a series of raging fires, points out the Daily Sabah, which has also posted a related video of the Turkish efforts.

See the video:

It said that Turkey sent two amphibious firefighting aircraft and a firefighting helicopter to help Athens on Saturday.

It is recalled that Greece was one of the first countries to be on the side of the earthquake victims of Turkey, having two Search and Rescue teams.

On the order of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Greece had made available for the relief of the affected and to meet the needs that arose, health and medical equipment and basic necessities such as 7,500 blankets, 1,500 beds and 500 tents.

Meanwhile, three separate fire fronts were still burning in the island of Rhodes late afternoon Monday, as firefighters tried to fight strong winds and put out rekindling's in several locations for a seventh consecutive day, said the Fire Brigade.

The fire front at Platania, near the northern part of the island, is moving fast south towards Malona village. The fire near the villages of Gennadi and Vati, in South Rhodes, is burning 3 km away from Vati village, with firefighters there struggling to the utmost to keep the flames from reaching the villages.

At least ten homes were damaged as the fire spread past Asklipio village, north of the coastal resort of Kiotari in southern Rhodes, where hotels were evacuated over the weekend. Constant rekindlings there as well have posed a problem for firefighters.

In addition, rekindling is an issue at Laerma, a village at the center of the island that has suffered serious damage. Firefighters have to deal with fire at the village and fronts around it.

On the island, high winds registering 7 on the Beaufort scale are of great concern in the spreading of the fire on all fronts, the Fire Brigade noted.

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