Canardair crash in Karystos - Two hero pilots tragically killed I VIDEO

Canardair karystos pilots

In a heart-wrenching incident, a firefighting plane crashed in the village of Karystos on the island of Evia, captured in a haunting state television broadcast.

"Both pilots are dead," Kontra News reported.

The aircraft was seen flying at a low altitude, disappearing into a canyon, only to be followed by a devastating fireball moments later.

The nation mourns the loss of two heroic operators, identified as Ioannis Mylonas, a 41-year-old father of three from Lamia, and Second Lieutenant Ioannis Karassavas, a 25-year-old hailing from Volos. Their sacrifice and bravery in combating the wildfires will forever be honored, as they rest in eternal peace.

As it became known, the Canadair belonging to the Air Force fell into a ravine in the village of Potami. Military crews are rushing to the area to see exactly what has happened and the condition of the aircraft's crew while the national operations centre has been activated.

The video shows the plane releasing water, making a right turn and losing altitude. Just before the right turn, it appears to hit a branch and lose the float from the right wing.

Apparently this is a mechanical failure as the aircraft continues to lose altitude and cannot climb over the ravine.

Seconds after the plane crashed:

Let's note that the drops are always done with two aircraft (attempted in pairs) and also they always make a first pass over the spot to locate exactly where they should make the drop.

The Canadair that crashed is a CL-215, took off from Nea Aghialos Volos, and did not have an ejection system for the captain and co-pilot. Testimonies of residents state that they saw the fall of the plane.

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Shocking testimony of a resident reports on "I saw the plane fall in front of me, I am shocked, I hope the children are fine."

A message via the emergency number 112 was sent earlier to the citizens of the settlement Loutses on Corfu as the fire is approaching the area and moving towards Arahavi.

The message said "If you are in the area Loutses, evacuate now to Arahavi. Forest fire in your area. Follow the authorities' orders".

The emergency number 112 informed those who are in the area Imerolia and Syki to evacuate the area as the flames are very close and move to the port of Kassiopi.

The announcement of the Air Force on the downfall of the CL-215:

"On Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 15:05, a CL-215 aircraft, with a crew of two Airmen, of the 355th Tactical Transport Squadron of the 112th Fighter Wing, went down during an aerial firefighting operation in Platanistos, Evia. A search and rescue operation is underway for the two Airmen. 1 Super Puma helicopter and 1 AB-205 helicopter of the Air Force, as well as 1 S-70 helicopter of the Navy have rushed to the area. Commander (I) Sotirios Maggotsios GEA Spokesperson"

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