Young Greek Innovators Making an Impact on Forbes' European "Under 30" List


Greek talents, particularly young women, have once again captured the spotlight on Forbes' European "Under 30" list, featuring outstanding individuals under 30. Three charismatic Greek women made it to this prestigious list in 2023, 2021, and 2020, following their recognition in the respective Greek Forbes lists.

  1. Natalia Kritsali: Revolutionizing Blood Donation Natalia Kritsali, a graduate of the "Class of 2020" in Greece, founded Bloode, a company with a mission to connect blood donors with patients in real time. Bloode's innovative approach addresses the critical need for blood in Greece, where the percentage of volunteer blood donors barely surpasses 50%, and raises awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donation. So far, Bloode has assisted over 204,000 patients in receiving much-needed blood during critical situations, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they partnered with Beat to cover crucial blood needs in major public hospitals.
  2. Erifili Gounari: Bridging Brands and Gen Z on Social Media Erifili Gounari recognized the challenge for businesses to connect with the Gen Z generation, who are deeply immersed in social media and digital technologies. Her brainchild, The Z Link, is the world's first social media marketing company catering specifically to the Gen Z audience. Collaborating with over 20 Gen Z representatives, the company helps businesses effectively promote their products on social media platforms tailored to the unique preferences of the Gen Z community. Additionally, Erifili created the thriving Gen Z Club, a community of over 18,000 members, used for market research and brand promotion.
  3. Konstantina Psoma: Empowering 3D Digital World Konstantina Psoma stands out in the "Technology" category on Forbes' European "Under 30" list. She founded Kaedim, a company that utilizes machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to transform 2D content and images into ready-to-use 3D digital models. Kaedim has already partnered with prominent video game production companies like Rebellion and Voodoo and has raised funding of $1.5 million. With a team of 20 experts and offices in London and the US, Konstantina's startup is revolutionizing the digital world.
  4. Stefanos Dimoulas: Merging Art and Culture for the LGBTQIA+ Community In the "Art & Culture" category, Greek neoclassical ballet dancer and choreographer Stefanos Dimoulas shines. He made his mark in the Royal Opera's "La Traviata" before becoming the youngest Greek judge on "Dancing with the Stars." Stefanos founded the non-profit organization, Culture Select, to support LGBTQIA+ artists, and through collaborations with the Greek Ministry of Culture and National Opera, he successfully funded his first dance production "Titan Prometheus."
  5. Daniel Zacharias: Empowering Education with Sdui Daniel Zacharias represents the "Media & Marketing" category on Forbes' European list. He founded Sdui, an education platform designed to help schools overcome digitalization challenges. Sdui facilitates communication between teachers, parents, and students through chat, video conferencing, cloud storage, and automatic translations. The Berlin-based company has raised nearly $30 million in funding, serving over 10,000 schools and employing over 170 professionals.

These innovative and inspiring young Greeks are carving their paths to change the world, each excelling in their respective fields and making a significant social impact.


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