Chet Hanks: The turnaround of Tom Hanks' son - "My life's purpose is to serve God"

Chet Hanks

The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Chet Hanks, revealed a huge tattoo with the design of a cross on his chest, proving his faith in God and covering the Eye of Providence tattoo he previously had.

The 32-year-old actor said he was an atheist before converting to Christianity.

Chet Hanks is now fully committed to this new lifestyle as he uses his platform to spread the message of Christianity.

On Wednesday, July 26, Tom Hanks' son deleted all photos from his Instagram account and only uploaded a topless photo of himself showing off his impressive tattoo.

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He also said that his life has now been dedicated to the service of God, while he did not hesitate to talk about the problems he had in the past in the relevant posts.

"I have been in character for as long as I've been been in the public eye. I've played many roles and worn many masks. Actor. Rapper. Fitness guy. Lambo guy. None of them are the real me. I am an expert at playing the fool because I learned it as a survival mechanism," he wrote.

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He then went on to make some more revelations: “But the more I look around at the world I see that the world doesn't need any more caricatures. False depictions of who we think we need to be. There's only one thing the world needs more of and that's God."

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Hanks has been honest and open in the past about his struggles with addiction and antisocial behavior, as well as the allegations of domestic violence he has faced.

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"All the pain in my life has been the result of one thing- the lie of believing that my purpose is anything but just serving God, " he added.

At the end of the post, he confessed that he is not sure how to best serve God, but he believes that God will lead him on the right path.

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"It's not fully clear to me yet how I can best serve Him but I feel that this level of honesty is the starting point. And I know He will continue to reveal more," he wrote.

The famous actor's son further urged his hundreds of thousands of followers to start their own spiritual journey and accept God.

Chet Hanks then deleted all of his posts.

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