U.S. Deploys Helicopters to Aid Greece's Wildfire Battle

USA Army Water bombing helicopters

On Friday, the United States dispatched three helicopters to Volos, demonstrating its commitment to aiding the Government of Greece in combating the devastating wildfires in the region. We extend our unwavering support to Greece and the courageous men and women who are leading the charge in these critical life-saving operations the American Embassy in Greece wrote on their socials.

A total of 96 wildfires are burning in Greece on Friday, with 51 of them breaking out in the last 24 hours, said the Fire Brigade in an announcement.

It added that of the 51, most were put out very quickly.

The Fire Brigade provided an update on Friday evening on the major fires that have been ravaging the country throughout the week. All of them but two have subsided, on the island of Rhodes and in northeastern Achaia prefecture. Strong firefighting forces remain on the ground in both locations, while water bombers doused specific spots periodically during daylight hours, it was noted.

Considerable ground forces are also trying to put out rekindled fires in northeastern Corfu, assisted by 4 water bombers and 2 helicopters.

Meanwhile, at a briefing earlier on Friday, Climate Crisis & Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias had noted that "Friday was the first day in 15 days when the fire risk factor dropped below the highest alert level of red."

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