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A Pentagon enforcement agent twice had arrived in Cyprus to ensure our government complies with all the American instructions on sanctions against Russia in support of Ukraine and also to insist on prosecuting Greek Cypriots and Companies who continue to disobey their instructions!

The Cyprus government promised to prosecute all of those found guilty. That’s a pre-condition for purchasing arms from America!

The EU, on the other hand, behaves in a much worse manner; not only Cyprus it ordered to impose EU sanctions against Russians at the detriment of its own economy, but it also demands social, judicial and economic obedience on how to run the country. If that’s not bad enough, Cyprus it’s also punished with massive fines for rule-breaking!

Meanwhile, Turkey is busy with the Islamization of the occupied northern part of our island! Last week it turned its attention to desecrating the most sacred Christian monastery of Apostolos Andreas and has turned part of it into a Muslim prayer mosque. This is a blatant insult to all Orthodox Greeks and an inexcusable desecration of the Hellenic Orthodox faith. The Cyprus government has decided to make an “official complaint” to the UN, knowing it would amount to nothing!

And here we are! From one frying pan straight into another!

Is Cyprus a free nation or a subservient state incapable of producing a strong, decisive government to run the country and develop its own policies free from foreign meddling but instead bows subservience to the EU—and now the United States doctrine— by showing absolute submissiveness?

Is there hope for a country governed by such a mentality?

Opinion Piece By Andreas C Chrysalis

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