EU court questions fines imposed on two Greek websites

Greek court house Glyka Nera

The Council of State (CoS) requested a preliminary ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as to whether the National Radio and Television Council has the authority to fine websites for quality of audiovisual content and violations of human dignity, as it does with radio and TV media.

Greece's supreme administrative court reviewed an appeal by the owners of web sites 'Zougla' and 'Makelio' who were fined 30,000 euros each by the National Council for promoting qualitatively low-grade audiovisual content and violating the obligation to respect human dignity.

In a majority opinion, CoS ruled that entities providing television services through the web are not traditional television stations and do not have to follow national radio and television legislation regulations.

Therefore, the National Council cannot impose on them regulations of national law or fine them for their violation.

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