A 360° Tour of the Acropolis by the BBC

acropolis 360

Uncover the marvels of the ancient Acropolis in Athens through a captivating 360-degree tour by the BBC. The Parthenon, an iconic monument at the heart of this sacred hill, captures immediate attention.

Yet, there’s more to explore in the shadows, like the Eriktheion, a smaller temple with equal importance, dedicated to the mythical King Erechtheis.

The Porch of the Caryatids, guarded by six striking maidens for millennia, marks the grave of King Kekrops, the legendary founder of Athens. From above, Eriktheion’s intentional asymmetry becomes evident, a deliberate design choice by ancient Greeks.

A gap in the roof aligns directly above the spot where Zeus’s thunderbolt purportedly struck and claimed the life of King Erechtheis.

Greek mythology further intertwines with the temple’s history as it is believed to be the site of a contest between Poseidon and Athena, leading to the city’s renaming as Athens. Celebrating these sacred and mythological events, the Eriktheion is a lasting tribute to the city’s profound ancient legacy.

While not all of us visit sites like this in person, unique digital tours like this mean everyone can see them.

See the video:

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