Hometown Celebration Leads to Capture of Notorious Crime Fugitive in Corfu

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Italian police announced on Saturday that the celebration of this year's soccer champions from Naples led to the capture of a long-time crime fugitive from Italy.

The man, who was on Italy's list of 100 most dangerous fugitives, was identified in a photo of fans celebrating in a restaurant in Corfu after the Napoli soccer squad won the top league championship in Italy.

The Carabinieri paramilitary police then went to Corfu and apprehended the fugitive, Vincenzo La Porta, who had been evading authorities for 11 years. La Porta, who is considered connected to a crime clan of the Naples-based Camorra syndicate, has been convicted in absentia of several crimes.

Greek police confirmed his arrest on Friday, and Italian authorities are currently seeking his extradition.


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