Kavala: Bulgarian extremist lowered the Greek flag and raised the Bulgarian one in the port


A 35-year-old Bulgarian was arrested yesterday evening by the Central Port Authority of Kavala men and taken to the Kavala District Court, where he was charged with insulting national symbols. However, he was released a short time later.

According to the announcement of the Central Port Authority of Kavala and eyewitnesses, on Friday night, the 35-year-old Bulgarian headed towards the jetty of the "Apostolos Pavlos" passenger port and, after submitting to the waving Greek flag, raised the Bulgarian flag.

Eyewitnesses informed the port authorities, who rushed to the scene and tried to arrest the 35-year-old man who resisted, insulted the port guards and shouted that these areas belonged to Bulgaria. With the case filed against him, he was taken to the Kavala First Instance Prosecutor's Office.

According to News Bomb, the arrestee had once again concerned the authorities with a similar incident. He is said to be a member of an extremist organisation that advocates that Kavala and the regions of eastern Macedonia belong to the neighbouring country, not Greece.

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