'Reclaim the Beach' movement in Halkidiki - Protests in Nikiti and Potidaia - Video and photos


Two protests took place on Sunday in Nikiti and Potidaia of Halkidiki in the context of the "reclaim the beach" movement, also known as "the towel movement," which is fighting against the illegal placements of chairs and lounges on public beaches.

Those who participated in the demonstrations shouted slogans and expressed their opposition to abuses by beach bars.

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"From Paros to Sithonia, every beach will be free" "Listen carefully to what Sithonia says; every beach will be free", they said, underlining the need to preserve free space on the beach.

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Kingdom of iniquity with sunbeds and umbrella seats without a license in Falasarna, Chania

The "war" against the sunbed has reached Falasarna, Chania.

The autopsy carried out on Saturday by a group of inspectors of the State Land Service revealed extensive occupation of the common area of ​​the beach without any lease of a beach concession permit.

As revealed by New Money, there has been a general mobilisation at the Ministry of National Economy. And after Paros and Naxos, as of Saturday, inspectors began their descent to islands and beaches to check compliance with the leases of sunbeds and umbrella seats.

The checks continue during the weekend until at least the end of August.

But the results were awe-inspiring when they arrived in Crete, according to Proto Thema.

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In the autopsy in  ​​Falasarna, Municipality of Kissamos, a count was made of the entire occupied area of ​​the shared beach area. It was established that no beach concession lease had been made in the area.

Despite the suffocating tourist exploitation of the beach, there are only 3-4 leases, which, however, concern the exploitation of Marine Recreational Equipment (e.g. water sports, bicycles, jet skis, etc.) drawn up by the Real Estate Service after an auction.

On the contrary, none other than those professionals and operators of the beach where the team conducted an autopsy had a permit to occupy the beach for sunbeds and umbrellas.

However, as it emerges from these controls, some professionals are threatened with closure. They complained that the Municipality of Kissamos did not give any leases, even though they had at least applied since April.

In other words, they say that the Municipality did not take care to give the legal permits, as a result of which general anarchy prevails, and everyone does what they want.

It was even worse two weeks ago (end of July) when the Kissamos Police, called after a complaint to check the area, made 14 arrests on the controversial day of the raid because no one had a permit, and almost all were illegal.

The Real Estate team was informed about the controls of the Kissamos police station and how so many companies were caught illegally occupying seafront areas. However, based on the legislation and the current Joint Ministerial Decision, it was impossible to lease these businesses.

From Monday, the Real Estate team will deliver a conclusion on the further actions so all the necessary administrative measures will be imposed on them.

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