Armenian philosopher David Anhaght (the Invincible) - a prominent Neoplatonist thinker

David Anhaght the Invincible

Armenian philosopher David Anhaght the Invincible was recognised as a prominent Neoplatonist thinker and acknowledged as the founder of several fields of Armenian #philosophy of the V-VI centuries; his works, originally written in Greek, survived in medieval Armenian translations.

He was given the nickname "invincible" and was one of the creators of a textbook of arithmetic problems. David was a member of the Neoplatonic school and the founder of a branch of Medieval Armenian philosophy.

His influence was so great that, as a rule, every Armenian thinker attempting to make judgments in the field of philosophy started with the interpretation of David's main works.

David earned winning in philosophical debates with representatives of the Hellenistic philosophy of the time. David the Invincible acted in the Golden Age of Armenian literature era.

For an extended period, he studied and then taught philosophy in Alexandria, one of the major centres of scientific and philosophical thought. David was active in Alexandria and known as an expert in Aristotle’s Physics.

David Anhaght (the Invincible) He visited Athens and Constantinople, where he participated in disputes with Byzantine scholars.

According to David the Invincible, philosophy aims to search for ways to avoid evil and achieve spiritual perfection. The significance of knowledge does not disappear after its achievement; it can and must serve the moral exaltation of man.

David developed Neoplatonic ideas in teaching the soul, including dialectical ideas. The concepts of David introduced a secular, rationalist principle to the Armenian medieval philosophy associated with theology.

The David Anhaght Medal, the highest-ranking medal granted by the Armenian Academy of Philosophy, is named after him.

David Anhaght the Invincible

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