Mavra Volia: The famous beach of Chios with its cool waters is a unique natural phenomenon

Mavra Volia, chios famous beach

One of the most famous beaches in the whole of Greece, an impressive natural phenomenon that attracts visitors from every corner of the country, is located in the southern part of beautiful Chios, about 30 kilometres away from the main town and a few minutes away from the picturesque village of Emporio.

Emporio, a small, traditional fishing village, adds even more charm to Mavra Volia beach, which the people of Chios also call Mavro Gialo, as Travel reports. The only sure thing is that no matter what you choose to call the beach, it connects you to perfection.

The beach has deep black-coloured small pebbles with which she is covered from one end to the other. No doubt the shiny black stones, like little jewels on the ground, look highly tempting. However, please remember you should never take them as it is prohibited.

A landscape of rare, mysterious beauty formed due to the eruption of the now-inactive Psaronas volcano, an event that archaeologists cannot precisely determine in time. Nevertheless, the result remains alive to this day.

A magnificent black beach that is divided into two sections. The most famous Mavra Volia and, on the other end, its most remote part, called Foki. It is where all those who seek absolute tranquillity in an almost lunar environment, where the high, raw rocks jut out from all sides.

Mavra Volia, chios

Perhaps the most helpful tip one needs to know about Mavra Volia is that from the beach, you will see a dazzling sunset, with the west painting everything, from the sea to the smooth and sparkling stones with an exciting, bright orange colour.

The sun starts to set relatively early on the beach, and the sunset seems to last longer, offering a wonderful, romantic experience. Nevertheless, even if you come to swim in the afternoon, remember to take an umbrella with you, as there is no shade on the beach.

Mavra Volia, chios

In the Emporio settlement

If, after diving into the deep, dark and rather cold waters of the beach, you want to enjoy a delicious meal with fresh fish or seafood, then you only have to head to the small Emporio, a cute little village with several rooms for rent and taverns by the sea.

Many travellers who spend their summer holidays in Chios choose to stay here, having in mind endless dives in the beautiful Mavra Volia, and thus the settlement flourishes.

Emperio Mavra Volia, chios

However, it grew many centuries ago during prehistoric times, with historians concluding that a fascinating and sophisticated culture had developed in the area, similar to that observed in neighbouring Troy during the Mycenaean years.

The extensive excavations that have been carried out in the village, but also in the surrounding areas, brought to light the ruins of not only a thoroughly organised settlement of the prehistoric period but also of a developed society that reached its peak from the last years of the Neolithic Era to the period in which we assume the actual Trojan campaign took place.

Climb the hill of Prophet Elias, following a relatively tricky, rocky route, to the point where the ancient acropolis was located.

The ruins of dozens of residences of the ancient city of Emporio have been identified there, as well as the walls of the settlement and a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena together with a palace, which was probably the palace of the local king.

This place is worth visiting, even if only for the magnificent view of the endless sea, with Mavra Volia beach standing out in the background.

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