Pakistani Embassy in Athens violates diplomatic protocol by promoting anti-India protest: Report

Pakistanis in Athens Greece August 2023

Pakistani's demonstrated outside the Indian Embassy in Athens on Sunday, propagating about India's supposed human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

As Directus uncovered, the Pakistani media has been broadcasting images from the demonstration since last night!

"Pakistanis demonstrated against Indian atrocities," reported the Pakistani correspondent.

Violation of diplomatic protocol

Directus reported that there was a breach of diplomatic protocol by the Pakistan Embassy of Athens by uploading photos and videos from the demonstration.

"It is an aggressive action against Greece as well," reported the outlet before questioning whether the Greek government "knows that the embassy made a huge diplomatic blunder yesterday."

"The Pakistani embassy is involved in all activities of Pakistanis in Greece," the report added.

Meanwhile, Indian officials said on Monday that over 18,000 foreign tourists visited Kashmir in the first five months this year, the highest in the past three decades, noting that the successful conduct of the G20 here has generated greater interest among the travellers.

This demonstrates that India has brought security to Kashmir since the abrogation of Article 370 four years ago, which significantly reduced Pakistani-terrorism in the region.

Besides tourists from Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, nationals of Western countries like Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA have also visited Kashmir in huge numbers this season.

Nonetheless, a week before Independence Day, the security across Kashmir has been heightened, and frisking and speculative search operations have also started.

Police sources said security arrangements were tightened across Kashmir to thwart any untoward incident during the Independence Day celebrations. The officials said a random search of vehicles, besides checking and frisking people, was being carried out at several places across the valley.

Besides Srinagar City, the security forces also intensified frisking in other areas of J&K, especially at various points along the Srinagar-Jammu, Srinagar-Baramulla and other highways.

Armed personnel and cops in civvies have been deployed around the Independence Day function venue to monitor suspicious persons.

Senior Police officials said these arrangements were implemented to ensure the smooth conduct of Independence Day celebrations across J&K.

“Both human and technical means will be used to ensure incident-free Independence Day celebrations,” the officials said.

They said that the commuters travelling on roads and highways in and around Srinagar and in Jammu were being thoroughly frisked, and their identity was being confirmed.

In Lal Chowk and some areas of Srinagar, police carried out a security drill on Monday. The pedestrians and vehicles were also scoured in Lal Chowk and other areas of Srinagar.

“We are trying that the common man must not face inconvenience,” a police officer said, adding that frisking, checking and other measures were part of the security drill.

On this Independence Day, the J&K administration directed schools and government offices to unfurl the tricolour and sing the national anthem.

Given this, the School Education Department has directed all the teaching and non-teaching staff to attend their schools daily and ensure their attendance physically.

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