The Turkish drilling rig "Abdülhamid Han" is back in the Mediterranean - Watch the video

Abdülhamid Han

The Turkish drilling rig "Abdülhamid Han" is going out again in the Mediterranean, a year after joining the Turkish exploration fleet and its maiden mission, according to what the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan Bayraktar announced in a post on Twitter.

"One year after joining Turkey's exploration fleet, the drillship Abdülhamid Han is ready for its new mission in the Mediterranean. We say 'we're the anchors' and 'first is God'," Bayraktar said with a related video attached.

It is recalled that last year's mission of the drilling ship in the Eastern Mediterranean caused alarm in Athens, with Erdogan characterising it as "a symbol of the will to defend our rights." Athens replied that "we will not tolerate any violation of our sovereignty."

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