Croatian TV: "Police narrowing down the murder suspect - AEK refuses to give footage from the stadium cameras"


A journalist of a Croatian TV station reported about the visit of the country's ambassador to Greece to the Dinamo Zagreb hooligans arrested following a clash with AEK fans in Athens on Monday.

"The police have limited the number of suspects to 13. Among them are nine Croatian citizens, three Greek citizens and one from Albania. There may be only one perpetrator or more, but there is still the possibility that none of the suspects is guilty of the murder," Marko Šepat reported.

Šepat also referred to the rumours that have been reproduced by Greek media that the killer was Greek, noting that this information has not been confirmed by the authorities either.

Following the response, Šepat describes various videos that Nova TV has secured that show the hooligans' march. At the same time, at some point, Greek police officers appear who seem to be following them from a distance.

In the end, Šepat emphasises that according to sources, which he describes as unofficial, he has information that AEK refuses to hand over to the authorities the footage from the stadium's security cameras, implying that the specific images may change the facts of what exactly happened on Monday.

Watch the video HERE.

The incident

According to police, the fight broke out more than an hour after the visiting team’s training session ended late on Monday, and the couple had left the AEK stadium in the Athens suburb of New Philadelphia under police escort.

About 100 to 120 Dinamo Zagreb fans gathered near the stadium, where AEK supporters had gathered, and fans from both sides hurled Molotov cocktails and stones.

Greek police said the 29-year-old victim, identified only as Mihalis, was transported from the stadium to an Athens hospital, where he died.

Three Greek and five Croatian fans were injured and treated while 98 people were arrested, police added.

According to the public television channel ERT, those injured included a minor who was hospitalised after being hit in the head by a stone.

UEFA deplored the appalling incidents “in the strongest possible terms” and expressed sympathy to the victim’s family.

“Following yesterday’s violence and in consultation with the local authorities, UEFA has decided that the conditions for the match between AEK Athens FC and GNK Dinamo to go ahead tonight are not met,” the football body said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The match planned to be played tonight at Agia Sofia Stadium in Athens is now postponed.”

UEFA, though, said the second leg due to be played in Zagreb on August 15 would go ahead while an alternative date will be found for the postponed match – August 18 or 19 being the suggested possibility.

AEK said in a statement that its fan was killed by “professional killers, organised criminals who crossed the country and arrived in New Philadelphia from Zagreb to join forces here with Greek criminal accomplices with the sole purpose of killing”.

Translation: Mihalis, AEK will never forget you! Exemplary punishment for the murderers and those responsible!

The Greek champions demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice and said it was “self-evident” that inaction “played a decisive role in this crime”.

Under a previous ruling by UEFA, Dinamo fans, who have a reputation for disorder, were barred from attending stadium matches.

Croatian media reports said about 200 fans had travelled to Athens, likely as tourists, despite the football ban.

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