Happy 25th Birthday Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa

Here are 10 intriguing facts about Stefanos Tsitsipas on today his 25th Birthday 12th August 1998

  1. Tsitsipas is more than just a tennis player; he possesses an artist's soul. While others indulge in gaming during downtime, he creates video diaries of his travels and shares breathtaking landscape photography on Instagram. This hobby brings him happiness and motivation amidst the challenges of constant traveling on the tour.
  2. A near-death experience in the Mediterranean Sea shaped Tsitsipas' perspective on tennis. After his father rescued him from drowning, he felt liberated and more relaxed on the court, realizing that every moment counts.
  3. Tsitsipas considers himself a loner in the tennis world. Despite longing for friends on tour, he believes his approach to life sets him apart from his peers. This led to a heated feud with Nick Kyrgios, who claimed that Tsitsipas is not liked by others in the dressing room.
  4. Elbow surgery in 2021 rejuvenated Tsitsipas' career. He believed his tennis journey might end in his mid-20s but now plays with renewed passion, confidence, and freedom from doubt.
  5. Tsitsipas takes immense pride in his Greek heritage. He is deeply in love with his country and firmly believes that one should be proud of their roots. Greece's stunning landscapes, rich history, friendly citizens, and expressive language make him appreciate his homeland even more.
  6. Considered Greece's tennis GOAT (Greatest of All Time), Tsitsipas stands alone as the only Greek player to win an ATP World Tour singles title and reach the top ten rankings. He shares this achievement with fellow Greek athlete Maria Sakkari.
  7. Tsitsipas is known for taking exceptionally long toilet breaks during matches. This gamesmanship has drawn criticism, particularly during a US Open match against Andy Murray, where the breaks significantly delayed play and irked his opponent.
  8. In his younger years, Tsitsipas had a reputation for being a sore loser. He would cry and seek refuge behind cars after losses, feeling immense embarrassment and shame. He even went to great lengths to hide from his parents, refusing to show his face for extended periods.
  9. He has won ten ATP singles titles (including two Masters 1000 championships) and has contested two major finals at the 2021 French Open and 2023 Australian Open, finishing runner-up to Novak Djokovic both times.
  10. Stefanos Tsitsipas currently dates fellow tennis star, Paula Badosa. She was born in New York, however moved to Spain, where both her parents are from, as a child.

Happy Birthday Stefanos

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