Yannis Smaragdis' "El Greco" is in the top 10 of Netflix!

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As is well known, three top films by the multi-awarded director Yannis Smaragdis arrived on the Netflix digital platform on August 1. The films "El Greco", "Kazantzakis" and "God Loves Caviar".

Netflix chose to start with the epic period work "EL GRECO" even though it is now 16 years old, and this is because, as they wrote, they consider it a great film, and they were confirmed, as it immediately came to 6th in the TOP 10 in the viewers' preferences!

In addition, Netflix recommends the film to its viewers both for the music of Vangelis Papathanasiou and because the film El Greco has been unfairly understated until now...

El Greco


In essence, NETFLIX, which was fully justified for its selection, confirms that the only and decisive judge of a work of art is time, the passage of time that reveres it, as in the case of the Emerald film, or Time condemns any work...

The movie EL GRECO when it was shown in 2007, set a ticket record in Greece with 1,200,000 viewers, which has not been surpassed until today. It was officially revealed at the Toronto 2008 festival, where the state channel CBC ranked the film first among the five golden films, while it had international distribution in many countries.

It received eight state awards, including Best Film (to Eleni Smaragdis) and Direction to Yiannis Smaragdis. Actor Juan Diego Botto took first prize at the 2008 Cairo International Film Festival, while costume designer Lala Huete won the Goya Award for the film's costumes.

El Greco

He officially participated in many international film festivals such as Toronto 2008, Sao Paulo 2008, European Film Festival 2008 of the American Film Institute in Washington, Cairo 2008, Guadalajara 2009, Pantalla Pinamar in Argentina, etc. It was considered one of the best films made about a painter.

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