Pakistan: Baloch community holds protest against connivance between terrorists, Pakistan Army


Protests have erupted in parts of the Balochistan province of Pakistan against the security forces for carrying out atrocities on civilians. In Turbat city of Kech district, the protesters carried out a rally chanting slogans against an alleged alliance between Islamic terrorists and the military.

The rally was organised by the 'Baloch Yakjehti Committee' to protest the murder of a young man "accused of blasphemy." In a video the protesters were seen chanting the slogan "Yeh Jo Mulla-Gardi Hai Is ke Peeche Wardi Hai" (The people in army uniform are responsible for atrocities by the Islamic terrorists).

A teacher, Abdul Rauf, affiliated with a language centre in Balochistan was accused of committing blasphemy while giving a lecture. He was later shot dead by unidentified armed men on an allegation of blasphemy in Turbat town. In another protest in Washuk district, the residents in Jhalawar city staged protests after house raids were conducted by Pakistan's Frontier Corps (FC).

The locals reported that the FC officers forcibly entered numerous homes, breaking open boxes and wardrobes and harassing Baloch women. The actions are being seen as a violation of local cultural norms and traditions. In response, residents of Jhalwaar blocked key roads for traffic, leading to significant disruption in transportation.

This recent incident underscores the deep-rooted tensions between the local populace and the Frontier Corps in Balochistan. The regular reports of the FC's aggressive tactics in the region and their disregard for local customs have amplified the need for a thorough re-evaluation of their role in the region.


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