Public gets photo op with UEFA Super Cup trophy in Piraeus ahead of the game

UEFA Super Cup trophy Piraeus August 16, 2023

Attendance was high for a second day in Piraeus at events celebrating the city's hosting of the UEFA Super Cup 2023 game on Wednesday night between European champion Manchester City and Europa League cup winner Sevilla.

Hundreds of families with children and football fans from Britain and Spain flocked to Korai Square and the Piraeus Municipal Theater plaza on Wednesday for dozens of entertainment events available to children and adults for free, as they were on Tuesday.

Several football players who were part of the Greek national team ("Legends 2004") and won the Europe 2004 Cup were present for photographs with the public on both days. UEFA Foundation for Children, Action Aid Hellas, Cosmos FC and A Ball for All funded activities also addressed children living in facilities.

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In addition, people of all ages have been waiting in line at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus for the unique opportunity to be photographed with the three trophies of the Champions League, Europa League, and Super Cup games, placed on a unique platform.

The game starts at the Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus at 21:00 on Wednesday, and the public can watch it from a large screen at Korai Square.

Piraeus Mayor Yiannis Moralis said, "Piraeus is experiencing unique moments for a second day! Our city celebrates football; the focus of footballing Europe - and not only there - is on Piraeus for tonight's Super Cup game."

"Hundreds of families with children and fans from England and Spain are in Korai Square and the Municipal Theater, filling our city with colour and joy. I hope we enjoy a beautiful game, and I wish the best of luck to both teams," he added.

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At 22:00 on Cosmote Sport 1, MEGA, the G. Karaiskakis stadium will host Manchester City's game against Sevilla, with the two teams fighting for the first title of the 2023-24 season.

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